​The Northern Hub

The Northern Hub is the name given to a proposed £560 million investment package which could transform rail travel across the north of England, providing better services and more capacity. This would increase the amount of train services for passengers across the north by 40%, as well as freeing up important capacity on the rail network for freight. By improving the connections between the cities and towns of the North the Northern Hub would lead to the creation of up to 23,000 jobs and stimulate £4.2 billion of benefits to the Northern economy.

The decision about whether to fund the Northern Hub will be made by the Government. The proposals have been put together by Transport for Greater Manchester, Network Rail and other partners across the north of England, as a way to meet the huge resurgence in demand on the rail network in and around Greater Manchester.

If it was funded in full, the Northern Hub would have the following benefits:

  • Up to 700 more trains per day with space for 44 million more people to travel by train each year

  • Two new fast trains per hour between Manchester Victoria and Liverpool

  • Six fast trains an hour between Leeds and Manchester (as opposed to four now)

  • Journey times between Leeds and Manchester could be reduced by about 10 minutes

  • Journey times between Liverpool and Manchester could be reduced by 10-15 minutes

  • A new direct service through Manchester city centre to Manchester Airport

  • Faster journey times to Sheffield and the East Midlands, Chester, Bradford, Halifax, Hull, Newcastle and the North-East

The plans that make up the Northern Hub include:

  • New capacity on routes through the Pennines between Leeds, Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Manchester

  • New track between Liverpool and Manchester (via Newton-le-Willows)

  • Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria directly linked via a new track at Ordsall

  • Electrification of the lines between Liverpool and Manchester

  • New lines between Sheffield and Manchester

  • New platforms at Manchester Piccadilly on route through to Oxford Road to enable more trains from north and west of city to get to south side of city.

The Northern Hub is one of Transport for Greater Manchester Committee's policy priorities.

More information on the Northern Hub is available on the North West Rail Campaign website.