How to register

You are eligible to use the Ring & Ride service if you:

  • hold a Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) Concessionary Plus Pass; or
  • hold a TfGM Concessionary Disabled Person Pass; or
  • are 70 years old* or over, have mobility issues and hold a TfGM Over 60 Concessionary Pass; or
  • are a TfGM Travel voucher user

You must register before you can book a trip with Ring & Ride. You can contact our enquiry line to check whether or not you are eligible to use the service.

Registration is quick, simple and free of charge.

You can register to use Ring & Ride online​, by phone or by posting a copy of the Ring & Ride registration form (download Ring & Ride registration form PDF).

To register by phone, please call our enquiry line on 0161 200 6011 or 0845 688 4933 (Calls charged dependent upon your network supplier).

You can also email Ring & Ride: