Rail Tickets in Greater Manchester

There’s a great choice of tickets to suit your train travel needs in Greater Manchester.

For one-off journeys and out-and-back day trips, single and return tickets will cost less. You can buy them from the ticket office at the station or from the conductor on the train if the ticket office is closed.

Up to two children aged under five years old, who are travelling with an adult can travel free on trains, including services within the Greater Manchester rail network.

When you are five you pay half the adult fare until you are 16. This includes single, return and season tickets. Please note child fare Traincards and Countycard and DaySaver are not available.

The tickets shown allow standard class travel.

Anytime and Off-peak times

Train tickets for travel in Greater Manchester are more expensive if you travel before 9.30am or between 4.01pm and 6.29pm on weekdays. Tickets that include travel at these times are called Anytime tickets.

You can save money by buying a ticket that does not allow travel at these times. These are called Off-peak tickets.

Buying your ticket

You can buy the tickets featured on this page from the ticket office at staffed train stations. You can pay with cash or with your debit or credit card. If the ticket office is closed you can buy your ticket from the conductor on the train.

Where can I travel?

You can use the tickets shown on this page in Greater Manchester. To see a Greater Manchester rail tickets area map showing which stations are in the Greater Manchester area click here.

Rail Ranger

If you are making more than one single or return off-peak journey on the same day then consider buying a Rail Ranger ticket. These allow you to make as many train journeys as you wish anywhere in the Greater Manchester rail network.

Rail Ranger gives you unlimited travel at Off-peak times on weekdays and all day at weekends and public holidays. Use it until the last train home or 2.30am the next morning, whichever is sooner.

Adult - £6.40
Child - £3.20

Season tickets

With a season ticket you can travel at any time of day between two stations, as often as you please. Season tickets are available for one week, one month and any period up to one year.

The price of a season ticket varies according to the distance between the two stations you choose.


Traincard is an Anytime rail season ticket that allows you to make as many train journeys as you wish anywhere in the Greater Manchester rail network. You can buy a Traincard for one week, one month or one year.

Traincard week - £29.60
Traincard month - £101.10
Traincard annual - £955.60


Countycard is an Anytime season ticket that you can use on all local train services and most buses within Greater Manchester making as many journeys as you wish.

Countycard week - £36.30
Countycard month - £113.00
Countycard annual - £1,132.00

Click here for more details about Countycard on the System One website. You can also buy this ticket at Travelshops.

When bought on the train Traincard and Countycard are only available weekly, and season tickets are only available weekly and monthly.

Before you buy a season ticket, Traincard or Countycard you will need to get a photo ID card from a staffed train station.

Free travel on Metrolink trams in the Manchester city centre

You can travel free on Metrolink trams in the city zone if you have bought a rail ticket for travel from any Greater Manchester station to Piccadilly, Victoria, Deansgate or Oxford Road stations. Your rail ticket should show Manchester CTLZ as its destination and applies to single and return tickets, season tickets, Traincard, Rail Ranger, and Bus and Train DaySaver. Click here for more information.

Accompanied Child Fare

For journeys within the Greater Manchester rail network up to four children can pay the Accompanied Child Fare when they travel with an adult at Off-peak times. Accompanied Child Fare tickets are not available when the adult uses a Rail Ranger, Evening Ranger or DaySaver ticket, or where the adult uses a free travel pass.

Accompanied Child single - 60p
Accompanied Child return - £1.20

Combined train and Metrolink tram tickets

If you are making a journey that uses both trains and Metrolink trams, you can save time by buying just one combined ticket for both parts of your journey. You can buy different types of combined tickets for journeys between train stations and Metrolink tram stops, including daily and season tickets.

Click here for more details.

Day tickets that combine train and Metrolink tram travel

The DaySaver ticket range from System One Travelcards allows you to choose the combination of bus, train and tram travel you want. Click here for more details on the System One website.

Wayfarer is the day-out ticket that lets you travel wherever you want to places in Greater Manchester and parts of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire and the Peak District. It’s gives complete freedom to go where you choose for a day using buses, trains and trams. For more information visit the Wayfarer web page.

You can also buy DaySaver and Wayfarer tickets at Travelshops.