Low fares & free travel for people aged 16 and under

Children under 5
Children under 5 years, who are travelling with an adult, can travel free on most buses and Metrolink trams in Greater Manchester. Up to two children under 5 years may travel for free with each fare-paying adult on trains.
Children aged 16 years and under
If you are aged 16 or under and have not yet completed year 11 at school you can travel for the concessionary fare on all buses and Metrolink trams in Greater Manchester (on rail services half fare is available for children aged 5 – 15). The concessionary fare for each bus journey is half the normal adult fare, no matter how far you travel on the bus. On Transport for Greater Manchester's dedicated school services, as of 4 September 2017 the fare is £1.30 for a single journey (£2.20 return, £7.00 weekly) for primary school children and those aged 11-16 with an igo card, or £1.70 single ticket for those aged 11-16 without an igo card.
If you're aged 11 to 16 you will need an igo pass to pay the concessionary fare on buses in Greater Manchester. An igo pass proves that you are aged 16 or under and is valid until 31 August after your 16th birthday. When you are 11 you need to carry proof of your age to pay the child fare on Metrolink trams. You can use an igo pass to do this.
If you travel regularly, you can also buy special tickets that save you more money; but you must have an igo card to buy these tickets, for example System One Junior Bus Saver, available to regular travellers between 5 and 16 years. You can get an igo application form from Transport for Greater Manchester Travelshops or visit the igo website where you can download an application form.
  • You can also buy child versions of some adult day tickets such as Rail Ranger, Metrolink Saver, Wayfarer day tickets, and Junior Daysaver tickets.
  • Children can also buy child fare season tickets for bus, train and Metrolink tram travel.

Free travel to schools
If you live more than three miles from your school you may be able to get free travel to and from the school. For more details contact your local education authority.

Bus season tickets for children
Junior Bus Saver is the ticket for children aged 5 to 15 years who make frequent bus journeys. They are available for 7 and 28 days.
You can buy Junior Bus Saver 7 day tickets at Transport for Greater Manchester Travelshops and local PayPoint outlets.

Rail Ranger tickets for children
If you are making more than one single or return train journey on one day; then you should think about buying a Rail Ranger ticket. It gives you unlimited standard class 'off-peak' train travel throughout Greater Manchester for a whole day.
You can buy Rail Ranger tickets from the ticket office at staffed train stations. If this is closed or the station is un-staffed you can buy them from the conductor on the train. You can pay with cash, cheque and credit or debit cards.

Rail season tickets for children
With a rail season ticket you can travel at any time of day between two stations as often as you please. In addition, a rail season ticket between two stations in Greater Manchester allows you to travel by any train, anywhere in Greater Manchester at weekends. They are available for one week, one month and for any period up to one year. If you are aged under 16 you pay approximately half the adult fare.
You can buy rail season tickets from the ticket office at staffed train stations. If this is closed or the station is un-staffed you can buy weekly or monthly season tickets from the conductor on the train. Season tickets over one month are only available from main stations.
Accompanied train travel for children under 16
When accompanied by an adult, up to four children can travel for the 'accompanied train travel' fare. This is usually lower than the child half fare.
Accompanied train travel is available in Greater Manchester, as a single or return, when the adult holds a valid ticket. Valid tickets include concessionary fare tickets, but not Rail Ranger.

Metrolink tram day tickets
With a Child Metrolink Saver ticket you can make as many Metrolink tram journeys as you like for a whole day. You buy these from Metrolink ticket machines on the day you want to use them.
A Child Weekend Saver ticket is available which lets you travel from 6pm on Friday until the last service on Sunday. A MetroMax Family ticket allows up to three children to travel with up to two adults. The Weekend Family Saver ticket combines the features of both of these.
Metrolink tram season tickets for children
Children can buy 7 or 28 day season tickets for travel on Metrolink trams. You can use it at anytime, on any day between the stops shown on the ticket.
You can purchase them from selected PayPoint and newsagents near to Metrolink stops. They are also available from train stations and Post Offices in Manchester city centre and Transport for Greater Manchester Travelshops in Manchester, Altrincham and Bury.

Wayfarer tickets for children
Children aged under 16 can use the concession Wayfarer ticket which is a day ticket that you can buy in advance. You validate it yourself by scratching off the date on the day you use it. Wayfarer tickets are valid throughout Greater Manchester; and parts of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire, West Yorkshire and the Peak District.
With a Wayfarer ticket you can travel by bus at any time and by train and Metrolink tram after 9.30am Monday to Friday and all day at weekends and bank holidays. Wayfarer allows standard class travel on trains.
You can buy Wayfarer tickets from Transport for Greater Manchester Travelshops, staffed train stations, selected Post Offices, tourist information centres in the Peak District and by post from Transport for Greater Manchester. You cannot buy it on the bus, on the train or at Metrolink tram stops.