More information about concessionary travel in Greater Manchester

What are the headlines?

​Passengers who have a permanent home address in Greater Manchester and who are entitled to concessionary fares can travel at reduced rates or for free depending on the time they are travelling.


In the case of people over 60, for example, all travel on buses, local trains and Metrolink trams after 9.30am in the week and at any time at the weekend, is free.​


Pass is only valid on trains within the TfGM area.

How can I find out if I’m entitled to reduced fares?
Will my pass work with get me there?


Yes. Get me there is being introduced in stages, first on Metrolink, so different passes issued by TfGM will start working with it at different times.

If you have a National Concessionary Travel Pass issued by TfGM, you must touch in at a smart reader when you start your journey and touch out at a smart reader when you complete it.



For more information on how to use this pass on Metrolink, click here.


When fully launched on Metrolink, you will be able to add travel credit to your pass, enabling you to use it if you have to pay to travel.​ 



What free travel will I get?

​That will depend on which pass you are entitled to.

Use the links here to see how you might benefit. 

Low fares for people with a disability

Low fares for people under 16

Low fares for students and young people aged over 16

Low fares for people over 60

I don’t think I’m entitled to any concessions, how else can I save money on travel?

Some bus operators offer period tickets which can reduce your price per journey. Use the links below to find your operator and the products they offer. If the bus company you use is not listed, or you make lots of journeys with more than one operator or frequently use trams and trains as well, a SystemOne Travelcard might be best for you. 

Starting in 2014 TfGM will introduce get me there, Greater Manchester’s first smart ticketing scheme. It will roll out first on Metrolink and then buses in 2015 and trains in 2017. To find out how get me there can help make it easier and more flexible for you to get about, visit​ ​   


Does TfGM provide a Companion Concession for carers travelling with disabled people?

​No, because TfGM has instead elected to fund an extension of the National Concessionary Travel Pass bus scheme to provide free travel on local trains and trams after 9.30am and discounted travel before then. This ensures people in receipt of the pass can benefit from a much wider range of travel options.​

Is there someone I can ask about concessionary passes?

You can contact our Customer Support team by emailing​ or by calling 0161 244 1000.