Combined Train and Metrolink Tram tickets
Using a rail ticket on Metrolink trams
Single, return, Traincards and season tickets between a station in the Greater Manchester rail network area and Manchester city centre can be used on Metrolink trams in the Manchester City Zone area. Your ticket will show ‘Manchester CTLZ’ as the destination.
A rail ticket for a journey between stations in Greater Manchester that can conveniently made using Metrolink between city centre stations will show ‘via Metrolink’ in the route description.
Combined tickets for train and Metrolink trams
You can buy one ticket for the complete journey if your journey includes travel on trains and trams to a Metrolink stop beyond the Metrolink City Zone in Manchester city centre.

If your journey starts from a rail station outside Greater Manchester you can buy a combined single, return, seven day, monthly season ticket to your chosen Metrolink stop. The cost is the same as if you buy separate train and tram tickets. Please note you cannot buy combined tickets from a Metrolink ticket machine to a rail station outside Greater Manchester. At a rail station you cannot buy a single ticket from a Metrolink stop to a rail station outside Greater Manchester.
If you buy a combined ticket between a Greater Manchester rail station and a Metrolink tram stop the fare will be less than buying separate tickets. You can buy a day single, day return, one-day off-peak tickets, seven day, monthly season tickets for combined train and tram travel. One-day tickets can be bought at the station or from the conductor on the train if the ticket office is closed. Season tickets are only available from rail stations. You can also buy combined single and return tickets from Metrolink ticket machines outside the Metrolink City Zone. You can buy DaySaver combined travelcards at every tram stop.
Combined child fare tickets are also available for children age under 16 years. Please note proof of age is required for 13 - 15 year olds travelling on Metrolink with a child ticket. Railcard and other discounts are not available for combined tickets.
Click here to see a map of the Greater Manchester Rail Tickets Area.
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How to buy a combined ticket from a Metrolink ticket machine
  • Press the ‘Day, Family or Group Travelcards and Railzone tickets’ button on the screen.
  • For a single or return to a Greater Manchester rail station, choose the ‘Railzone’ button on the next screen. On the following screen, press the button for the rail zone you require. (You can confirm which stations are in each zone by selecting the information button next to ‘Railzone 1’, ‘Railzone 2’ and ‘Railzone 3’ on the TVM screen or by checking the Ticket Information poster at the tram stop.) 
  • For a DaySaver bus, train and tram combined travelcard press the ‘Day Travelcards Tram/Bus/ Train’ button on the start screen. On the next screen press the button for the combination of travel you require.
  • Follow the screen menus to enter details of the number and type of passengers who will be travelling.