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Term-time travel for children and young people
All children and young people who live or attend school in Greater Manchester are entitled to travel for a special child or concessionary fare on the area’s buses, trains and trams.

The proof of eligibility for a concessionary fare on the bus is an igo card. Click here for further details about igo and how to apply.
If you want to find out what public transport is available for travel to a particular school, college or other educational establishment from your home, use our online journey planner. Alternatively, telephone 0161 244 1000 (7am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday).
Transport for Greater Manchester works with schools to plan the best possible transport provision for their students, with the aim of ensuring there is enough capacity across local services to meet their requirements.

Some schools have dedicated bus services. Details of these services can be found here. While these are dedicated services, they are formally defined as ordinary bus services, so anyone can use them. That means some services can get busy at peak times, which means not every child can be guaranteed a seat.
There are also Yellow School Bus services serving 50 schools in Greater Manchester. Seats on these dedicated services (which only students can use) are allocated to children on the basis of signed behaviour agreements, which parents also have to sign up. For more details, please click here.
Fares & tickets
The fares charged on regular and special school services can vary. This depends on who is operating the service, the service type, and the length of the journey. There are many ticket options available, some offering better value, depending on how often a young person needs to travel (for example, if they also use the bus at weekend). The table below provides an example of how different options may suit different circumstances.
My Service Occasional Use Every School Day Every School Day and Weekends
One Service Provider Single or Return Purchased from Driver Operator's Own Weekly or Monthly Ticket1 Operator's Own Weekly or Monthly Ticket
More Than One Service Provider Single or Return Purchased from Driver System One Weekly or Monthly Ticket1 System One Weekly or Monthly Ticket
Note 1: On some school buses, a TfGM weekly ticket is available.
The best fare options will depend on the journey/s taken, the frequency and the operator. Traveline staff may be able to offer guidance on this, but you will need to find the best option for your child’s individual circumstances by comparing operator’s own products with System One products. As a guide, a System One 7 Day Junior Bus Saver costs £9.95.
Please click here to visit the System One website.
For more specific information on the fares and tickets available, click on the links below.
Bolton Schools (PDF 23Kb)
Bury Schools (PDF 17Kb)
Manchester Schools (PDF 19Kb)
Oldham Schools (PDF 18Kb)
Rochdale Schools (PDF 17Kb)
Salford Schools (PDF 11KB)
Stockport Schools (PDF 74Kb)
Tameside Schools (PDF 55Kb)
Trafford Schools (PDF 51Kb)
Wigan Schools (PDF 86Kb)
Some Education Authorities offer Free School Travel Passes to some children who travel more than three miles to school. To find out if you are eligible, or to chase up an application that has already been made please contact the Local Education Authority for the area that you live in.
Helping to keep your child safe

High standards of behaviour are expected of passengers on schools services. Details about the Code of Conduct can be found here. Safety on board any bus is the responsibility of the driver. Therefore, if a child’s behaviour distracts the driver or compromises safety, the operator providing that service can refuse to carry the child indefinitely. As they are responsible for safety, their decision is final but they will notify schools if they need to take such action.
Individual operators will have their own procedures relating to carrying children who have lost their igo pass, ticket or money. As a general rule, however, drivers will not leave a child abandoned in such circumstances. If this is becomes a persistent problem, operators may choose to raise it with the school and notify parents or carers that a child will no longer be carried unless they are in possession of a valid ticket.
Please remember that while TfGM provides child concessions and organises school services, the legal responsibility for getting a child to and from school rests with parents and carers.