Welcome to the Transport for Greater Manchester Yellow School Bus Website

The application portal has been reopened.

You will only be able to apply for services with spaces remaining. 

Apply online

Please note, you will be unable to select and apply for fully subscribed services. 

If you have any questions please contact TfGM on 0161 244 1000.

Do you qualify?

You must live in Greater Manchester and go to a secondary school in Greater Manchester that's served by Yellow Bus. 

You and your parent or guardian must agree to the Yellow Bus code of practice.

You must have an igo pass to buy Yellow School Bus tickets.

Buy your ticket

Before you buy a ticket, you must apply for a Yellow bus pass. Applications are processed in July and passes last for one academic year.

When you have a pass, you will be able to buy tickets on the bus. You need to show your Yellow Bus pass and your igo pass. You can only use the bus with the same number on as your pass.

If you lose your pass

If you have lost your bus pass for this academic year, email yellow.bus@tfgm.com

Please note: Yellow School Bus passes are being sent out now.

If you have previously submitted an application for 2016/17, do not submit another application. Please contact TfGM on 0161 244 1000.

Applications that are submitted now will not be guaranteed a place. Some vehicles are now full.

School timetables are available here.

Features of the service

Yellow buses

Yellow School Buses are easy to spot, alerting road users that children will be boarding and alighting.

Regular drivers

Each service has a regular driver, allowing the driver to recognise registered users therefore reducing behaviour problems. All drivers are specially trained in customer care and disability awareness.

Handy pick-up points

Pick-up and drop off points for children are usually close to home. They may not always be at bus stops, but will be convenient for the child. They will always be in a safe place to wait and board, and an appropriate place for the vehicle to stop. Details of all routes and timetables are available from the routes page on this website.

Video monitoring

All Yellow School Buses have interior and exterior CCTV video recorders for passenger safety and monitoring. Recordings will only be used to investigate incidents or for training in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Behaviour on the buses

It is essential and expected that all journeys be undertaken in a safe and comfortable manner and any misbehaviour will not be tolerated. Misconduct could mean your child is not allowed to use the bus again. If criminal behaviour takes place the Police will be involved. Parents or guardians of any children found responsible for damage to the bus will have to pay for repairs.

Dangerous and potentially dangerous behaviour towards other children or the driver is not tolerated.

Working together

Yellow School Bus services can only work successfully if everyone involved works together. This includes:

  • The driver, who is responsible for the safety of children on the bus

  • The bus company (which provides the services on Transport for Greater Manchester's behalf) employs the driver and maintains the vehicles

  • The school

  • The children, who use the service

  • Parents or guardians, who are responsible for their child's actions

  • Transport for Greater Manchester who fund the service and provide the vehicle

To do this everyone should follow the Yellow School Bus code of practice.​​​​​​