​A6 Manchester-Stockport-Hazel Grove Corridor Quality Partnership Scheme

Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Manchester City Council and Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council have made a bus quality partnership scheme (QPS) for the A6 between Manchester City Centre, Stockport and Hazel Grove.

The A6 a key bus corridor into Manchester city centre, operates with the most frequent single bus service in Greater Manchester (the 192) carrying almost 10 million passengers every year, and plays a critical role in supporting sustainable economic growth and accessibility in Greater Manchester.

The QPS will bring the Authorities and bus operators together in a formal partnership to deliver improved standards and a commitment to maintain quality infrastructure to address the needs of passengers in a reliable, accessible, sustainable and cost-effective manner. The purpose of the Scheme and the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) is to maintain a high standard of service and travel experience for passengers as part of the wider Bus Strategy for Greater Manchester. The potential local benefits to passengers of a QPS are:

  • Better customer relations, through driver behaviour and more consistently delivered, customer focused standards;

  • Stability of services within the Scheme Area and customer commitments to first and last bus;

  • Improving security and cleanliness;

  • Reduced differential between car and bus journey times and improvements to reliability and punctuality; and

  • Maintaining improved vehicle standards.

Stagecoach Manchester, the principal operator along the corridor, will be a partner in the scheme. The proposed routes that will be affected by the A6 Manchester to Hazel Grove QPS include the 191 (Stockport to Manchester) and 192 (Hazel Grove or Stepping Hill to Stockport and Manchester).

A number of other operators and services that operate in the QPS scheme area only use part of the route or they only run a limited frequency on it. Therefore they will still be able to use the improved facilities, whilst being exempt from the other conditions of the QPS.

The QPS will commence on 1 April 2012 and will run for an initial period of five years, until 31 March 2017.

If you have any comments regarding the QPS for the A6 please complete the comments form.

For more information on the QPS for the A6 corridor please visit our FAQ section.