School Services

School service timetables for the academic year 2017/2018 are now available to download in pdf format. Anyone can use these services, not just pupils and students. Yellow School Bus services however are for pupils only.

To apply for a yellow school bus pass for 2017/2018 please visit the Yellow School Bus page. School timetables are liable to change, please check the timetable before you travel.​


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Bolton Schools (PDF 23Kb)
Bury Schools (PDF 17Kb)
Manchester Schools (PDF 19Kb)
Oldham Schools (PDF 18Kb)
Rochdale Schools (PDF 17Kb)
Salford Schools (PDF 11KB)
Stockport Schools (PDF 74Kb)
Tameside Schools (PDF 55Kb)
Trafford Schools (PDF 51Kb)
Wigan Schools (PDF 86Kb)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What services are shown on the new Schools Service Database?
Special school services which are not part of the general network plus duplicate journeys which are over and above the normal service and only run on school days. Most (but not all) special school services are numbered between 690 and 999. Yellow school buses are numbered between Y1 and Y99.
Q. How do I easily find the journeys I am looking for
Refer to the index of the Metropolitan Borough of Greater Manchester where the school is located (i.e. Wigan), then look up the entry for the chosen school (i.e. Hawkley Hall High School), then refer to either the service number (if known) or the geographical area from where transport is required and then refer to the timetable and route details for the selected service. Note: where only one service serves a particular school no index of service numbers or areas is included.
Q. How do I obtain information regarding services not listed on the new Schools Service Database?
Just as you would for any journey not involving a special school service, by accessing postcode of home address plus destination etc.
Q. Which bus stops do special school buses observe?
Every bus stop along the route shown at the bottom of the timetable (unless otherwise stated).
Q. Will the service number be shown on the bus stop plate and infomation display?
No, not normally. Only normal bus services are displayed.
Q. Where is the nearest school bus stop to my home?
Access this information by entering the home post code into the Local Bus Stop Finder, in the Journey Planning section of the Transport for Greater Manchester website.
Q. Where is the nearest bus stop to the school
Access this information by entering the school post code into the Local Bus Stop Finder, in the Journey Planning section of the Transport for Greater Manchester website.
Q. Which bus company runs the service?
The Operator Code is shown at the top of the bus times column. Full operator details can then be found on the pages after the school timetables.
Q. Is there more than one bus from my stop to the school?
There may be. You need to refer to the timing points and the route details (at the bottom of the timetable) to establish whether there are multiple journeys.
Q. What fares are charged on Special School services?
The fares on dedicated TfGM-funded school buses are discounted for igo passholders and, from September 2017, are £1.30 single, £2.20 return or £7 for a weekly school bus ticket. Children/students without an igo pass will be charged £1.70 for each journey.
Q. How can I get an igo card?

You can get an igo application form from Transport for Greater Manchester Travelshops or click here to visit the igo website where you can download an application form.

Q. Is a weekly ticket or monthly ticket available?

You can buy special tickets that save you more money; but you must have an igo pass to buy these tickets. Visit for full details.

Q. Am I entitled to free travel?
Generally speaking residents of Greater Manchester who reside more than 3 miles from school are either entitled to a pass allowing free travel or to assistance with their travel expenses, dependent on which Metropolitan Borough they reside in. The school or local education office will be able to supply more information on this.
Q. I am aged between 16 and 18. Am I entitled to free travel or the concessionary fare?

You may be eligible for a Scholar's Concessionary Permit, which will enable you to travel at the concessionary fare when travelling to/from full time education. Further information can be obtained by calling Traveline Manchester on 0871 200 22 33  (Calls cost 12p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge).

Click here for more information on concessionary passes

Q. Is there a return journey home after school?
Usually, but you need to refer to the detailed timetables to check. Beware - services after school don't always mirror those provided in the mornings. Sometimes the journey home at night may be provided by a different bus company or the service number or route of travel may be different.
Q. What alternatives are available if I miss the school bus?
You need to consult the detailed special school service timetables to answer this. However the likelihood is that if students miss the special journeys they will have to use the general network which will usually entail at least one change of bus and take longer.
Q. Can anyone use a special school bus or are they restricted to pupils?
With the exception of Yellow school buses, on which special conditions apply, all special school services can be used by anyone including adults.
Q. What will the special school bus service show on it's indicators?
It will usually show the service number and destination. Sometimes it will indicate School Bus.
Q. Are Yellow School Bus services shown on the School Services Database and do any special conditions apply to them?
Yes. Yellow School Bus services are shown on The Schools Services Database and these are numbered between Y1 and Y99. Amongst the special conditions which apply include only carrying pupils who are registered to use a particular service and all passengers having reserved seats. Pupils are also be held responsible for any damage which occurs to their reserved seat.