Consultation details

Please note an eight-week consultation on the proposed QPS (where comments or objections could formally be submitted) was held between 14 May 2015 and 9 July 2015. The consultation is now closed.
Purpose of this consultation
Extensive informal consultation has been held with the bus operators and local authorities who will be included in the QPS.  Updates have also been provided to OneBus (who represent many of the bus operators in Greater Manchester). The informal consultation has enabled the QPS to be developed in partnership to provide the greatest benefits to passengers.
The consultation covered two specific areas:
  • the QPS and Voluntary Multilateral Partnership Agreement ; and
  • the Existing Facilities

QPS and Voluntary Multilateral Partnership Agreement

The consultation on the proposed QPS and associated Voluntary Multilateral Partnership Agreement (VMPA) provided an opportunity for the public and any interested parties to provide comments and input to the QPS and VMPA. The consultation also allowed the bus operators involved in the development of the QPS and VMPA a final opportunity for input.

Existing Facilities

It is proposed that the QPS includes existing bus priority facilities (for example bus lanes, passenger shelters, waiting and loading restrictions etc.) that that are more than 5 years old but less than 10 years old.
Where a proposed QPS includes any existing facilities (5 to 10 years old), the facilities must be identified and bus operators that have relied on the facilities had the opportunity to register an objection. If within that objection period, no operator has objected to the inclusion of such a facility, or any objection made has subsequently been withdrawn, the existing facilities can be included in the QPS.
These existing facilities are proposed for inclusion because they are important to provide continuity of the bus priority infrastructure with the new facilities provided as part of the bus priority package.
The Existing Facilities are identified as the facilities which are highlighted in blue in the Facilities spreadsheet.


Consultation period

  • Start date for the consultation:  14 May 2015
  • End date for the consultation:  9 July 2015
The consultation period is now closed. The consultation period lasted eight weeks and ran from Thursday 14 May 2015 to Thursday 9 July 2015. Comments or objections could formally be recorded to either:
  • the QPS and/or the Voluntary Multilateral Partnership Agreement, or
  • the inclusion of the Existing Facilities (that are more than 5 years old but less than 10 years old),

responses were required in writing by one of the following methods, on or before Thursday 9 July 2015.