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Door to door transport services

Ring and Ride and other accessible door to door transport services are now available throughout Greater Manchester. These services are normally available to anyone who cannot use ordinary buses. There is detailed information about door to door services for each district in the 'Local Information' section.

Visit the 'Door to Door Transport' section for more details.


Ordinary bus services

Buses provide the majority of public transport journeys in Greater Manchester.

An increasing number of buses have no entrance steps and 'kneel' at the kerb to lower the floor of the bus. These buses provide near level entry and have other features that make travel easier, for example, brightly coloured handrails and better lighting which visually impaired people find useful. Some have ramps and a space on board for wheelchair users.

Most buses have designated seats near the front for priority use by passengers who may have difficulty reaching other seats on the bus, for example, elderly or disabled people or those with small children.

Smoking is no longer allowed on buses.


The Community Transport Association

The Community Transport Association is a non-profit making organisation of community, voluntary and other specialist transport operators and their supporters. It exists to promote good practice and is well established as the leading service provider to the growing community transport sector.

Its members include individuals, community transport operators and voluntary organisations, local authorities and other statutory bodies.

If you use, drive or own a minibus, which is operated non-commercially for use by voluntary and community groups, or to provide door to door transport for people who are unable to use other public transport, you are eligible to join the CTA. For more details of benefits of membership please phone 0161 351 1475. Visit the CTA website at www.ctauk.org

The CTA also offers advice on minibus and accessible transport operation. Subjects covered include employment, the law, vehicles and equipment, training and finance. The service covers the UK. The Advice Line number is 0161-367 8780.


Wheelchair accessible low floor bus services

To find out the times of wheelchair accessible buses, please telephone 01612441000. If the help line is not able to help, they will direct you to the Bus Company that provides the service.

Bus companies do their best to provide accessible services as advertised, but they are not able to guarantee times of accessible journeys due to unforeseen circumstances, such as mechanical breakdown.