On the bus, a small favour can make a big difference

wheelchair 1Most buses have a wheelchair priority area near the door. If it isn’t needed by someone in a wheelchair then you’re welcome to use it if you have bulky items with you. However, your buggy or shopping could be a BIG OBSTACLE for a wheelchair user who needs to use the space, so if a wheelchair user needs to use it please clear the area so they have somewhere to sit. This is the only place on the bus where they can travel safely, so even if you’ve got large items it really helps if you make room. A small favour for a big smile!

wheelchair 2

Most of the time we’re all so busy we don’t really have time to think about other people travelling with us, but a little bit of consideration can make a big difference to someone else. Thank you for taking time to read this, and for being considerate to other public transport users.wheelchair 3