Project TED: (Technology Enhanced Driving)

TED is a study to help improve road safety in Greater Manchester.

We’re looking for drivers between 17 and 24 who qualified for a full UK driving licence in the last 6 months.

On completing the study each driver will receive a £20 voucher and the opportunity to win an advanced driving and riding course or the main prize of £1,000 towards your insurance.

On behalf of Transport for Greater Manchester’s (TfGM’s) Joint Road Safety Group (JRSG), the University of Sunderland is hosting Project TED, a three-month study on driving behaviour. This behaviour is recorded from each driver using either an iphone app or a plug-in car device to record anonymised trip data.

After the trial, this data will be used to identify risk areas and repeated patterns of behaviour, which will help TfGM and its partners with future road safety initiatives and driver training plans. For more information on data confidentiality, click here.

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