Managing the highway network of Greater Manchester

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Greater Manchester is the largest economy in the UK outside London and the highway network is the life blood of this economy. A well-managed highway network is a vital part of a prosperous and forward looking local economy.
Our highway network comprises over 10,000 km (6,000 miles) of roads.
Every year the travelling public makes 1.6 billion individual trips on the highway network of Greater Manchester which amounts to 12.7 billion kilometres of travel.  This would take us from the Earth to the Sun and back 42 times.
TfGM, along with local authorities, work to oversee this network to make travelling as safe and efficient as possible for all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, buses, car users and freight.  We aim to ensure journey time reliability and provide up to date information on highway conditions for all road users.
Some of the responsibilities of TfGM Highways include:
  • Manage the traffic on key routes, by managing all of the (2,400) traffic signals within Greater Manchester, including 985 pedestrian crossings.
  • Monitor and analyse current and future traffic flows to help improve the network.
  • Coordinate road-works to reduce the number and duration of lane closures.
  • Manage and deliver road safety activities to reduce casualties, including training courses.
  • Provide real time information to the traveling public.
We work with Highways England, and local authorities to coordinate highway investment and management of the main road network.