Welcome to the Greater Manchester Road Activity Permit Scheme website

The scheme is operated by TfGM and the ten Greater Manchester local authorities.

The Greater Manchester Road Activities Permit Scheme (GMRAPS) is the first joint permitting regime for all road works in England.

The scheme applies to any person or organisation who wishes to carry out road works/street works or other register able activities on the highway within Greater Manchester.

The scheme aims to improve the effectiveness of the transport system in Greater Manchester, which is an essential driver of economic growth in the region, connecting businesses with their employees, suppliers and customers Roads can become congested and journey times unreliable due to a range of factors. One significant cause of this disruption is road works undertaken by a range of organisations including utility companies, transport authorities and councils own highways departments. The GMRAPS scheme aims to ensure all roadworks are undertaken effectively and in a co-ordinated manner to ensure delay and disruption are minimised.

Detailed information regarding what activities are covered by the scheme can be found within the scheme document.

The permit fees, conditions and other documents and reports can be found on the Documents page.

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