The future of rail stations

Travel by rail in Greater Manchester is growing – rail passenger journeys have risen by 21 per cent in the past eight years. However, partners across the industry agree that there is an opportunity to deliver better value from Greater Manchester’s stations, putting rail stations at the heart of the community and maximising their role within an integrated transport network.

The Greater Manchester Devolution Agreement presents the opportunity for TfGM to explore greater devolution and management of rail stations across the city-region. This requires a step change in the current management set-up, which has historically lacked strategic oversight and tailored investment.

We will build the case for taking increased responsibility for investment in rail stations in Greater Manchester this year, as well as their management and operation.

This will be driven by improved asset management, a focus on local investment and a better understanding of customers and their communities, based on robust evidence which will be regularly reviewed to ensure it is delivering effectively.