Transport for Greater Manchester


From 1 April, Transport for Greater Manchester will carry out the current roles and responsibilities of GMPTE, but with additional transport and traffic-related functions.

Transport for Greater Manchester is the delivery arm of an elected body: the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, a new strategic regional authority with functions relating to economic development and regeneration, regional planning, transport, skills and training, and air quality.

The Combined Authority has taken over the transport functions previously carried out by Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority, as well as some additional responsibilities that previously sat with the local authorities. It has set up a joint committee - the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee - to manage these responsibilities.

Transport for Greater Manchester will be responsible for implementing the policies and decisions of the elected body.

We will continue to carry out the responsibilities previously provided by GMPTE:

  • paying for bus services which are not provided commercially by bus operators.

  • owning bus stations, shelters and stops in Greater Manchester and working to ensure all the information passengers see there is correct.

  • subsidising concessionary fares and free travel facilities on buses throughout the region, including paying to keep non-profitable services running where passengers need them most

  • carrying out the policies of an elected authority to ensure that local rail services meet local travel needs

  • owning Metrolink

  • campaigning to promote public transport in Greater Manchester, to improve the environment and cut congestion

To this will be added responsibility for:

  • The installation, maintenance and management of traffic signals

  • Maintaining highway databases, surveys, modelling, analysis, appraisals and advice

  • Highway route performance, incident response and event management via a traffic control centre

  • Partnership working to provide a shared strategic road safety analysis and recommendations on interventions

Preparation of the Local Transport Plan, for approval by the Combined Authority, would also be carried out solely by TfGM.

In practical terms, this will mean the addition of new functional units to a new-look organisation.

These bodies are:

  • Greater Manchester Urban Traffic Control Unit (GMUTC)

  • Greater Manchester Transportation Unit (GMTU)

  • Greater Manchester Joint Road Safety Group (GMJRSG)

  • Greater Manchester Joint Transport Team (GMJTT)

  • GM ITA Policy Unit

The transport functions of the Combined Authority & Transport for Greater Manchester Committee will continue to be funded by the transport levy (in the same way as GMITA/GMPTE were funded) and the non-transport functions will also be funded by contributions from the district councils.

The Transport for Greater Manchester Committee


The membership of the committee will mirror the membership of the former Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority.

There will 33 members from the ten districts.

Most of the transport functions previously carried out by GMITA will be delegated by the Combined Authority to the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee.

District authorities will also delegate some of their transport and traffic related functions to the new committee.

Functions not previously carried out by GMPTE, which will be part of the new committee's responsibility, include:

  • traffic lights and signals

  • road safety

  • data collection

The committee will make recommendations in the following areas for approval by the Combined Authority:

  • setting the revenue budget and the issue of a levy

  • approving the borrowing of TfGM

  • approving the capital programme and approving schemes to be funded by the Greater Manchester Transport Fund

  • approving the Local Transport Plan

  • ratifying the appointment of a Chief Executive and other executive and non-executive directors