​Transparency and Open Data

Transport for Greater Manchester is committed to publishing data both in the spirit of providing open data which may be of interest or use to the public, and under laws which require us to publish information.

Most of this data is available in electronic format, and you will find the links to the information you need from these pages. Some of the information is hosted on this website, but sometimes you will be redirected to external pages where we publish our data.

If you have any queries about our open data, please email opendata@tfgm.com

Publication of Datasets

We publish our non-live datasets on the web in reusable format.

Some of this data is published in line with the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme (you can find the details of what this data is on the Freedom of Information page,) but the data which is not covered by the publication scheme is published on data.gov.uk

We also voluntarily publish data in the spirit of the Local Government Transparency Code 2015. This data is also published on data.gov.uk​ and you can find out more about this on our Transparency page.

Realtime Open Data

We have a number of open data feeds which provide live data for use by developers. TfGM hopes that by making more data available from across the region’s transport network that this will inspire the development of high quality applications that create better informed travellers and stimulate smarter travel choices.

In order to access these data feeds we ask all developers to register themselves and their app (even if it’s just an idea) on our Open Data Portal. By doing this, TfGM is able to

  • contact developers when a change is made to the data or new data feeds become available;
  • build relationships with the developer community;
  • develop knowledge about the apps that are being developed; and
  • disable access if the system is used inappropriately.
All you need to do in order to register is to provide your name, contact email address, and a short description of the application you are developing. Click here to Register as a User on the Developer Portal.