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Greater Manchester Low-Emission Strategy and Air Quality Action Plan


Transport for Greater Manchester wants to hear from you if you have something to say about public transport in Greater Manchester.

You may want to see your local bus, train or tram service improved or want something done at a local stop or station. If so let us know and we will do our best to sort it out.

Having your say is easy and can be done in different ways

Transport for Greater Manchester recognises the value of engaging and consulting, as appropriate, with a range of stakeholders across all of its business operations. It is important that when Transport for Greater Manchester consults and engages it aims to do so to a consistent quality, which will help the organisation to understand the views of its stakeholders.

As a public body it is also important that the organisation works in a responsible manner, and meets statutory obligations regarding consultation and engagement, including those outlined in the Equality Act 2010.

We have therefore published our Consultation & Engagement principles, which outline our commitment to the level and frequency of consultation and engagement that residents and stakeholders can expect.

Description: Consultation and Engagement Principles
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